Siberian Nights returns to Wollongong with Erik Omen

Having built a reputation as one of Sydney’s most innovative and interesting record labels, Siberia Records, home of the likes of The Midnight Juggernauts and Kirin J Callinan, are making their way down south once again, taking Siberian Nights down to Yours & Owls Gallery in Wollongong to debut their most recent signing Erik Omen‘s first show with their new live band.

Featuring a collection of some of Sydney’s best musicians, including Bridezilla singer and David Lynch enthusiast Holiday Sidewinder, the Erik band take an Ariel Pink-esque approach to dreamy pop, their debut EP, Erik Omen in Atlantis sounding, much as it was intended to, like some relic from an alternate future where 50’s pop reigns supreme, and we all live underwater. Don’t let me bullshit description discourage you though, have a listen for yourself.

Joining Erik Omen are Sydney’s favourite, and possibly only, industrial/dance/classical trio Domeyko/Gonzalez. Having just recently launched their new single Sunshower, along with the video by director Joel Burrows, the band made up of local composer James Domeyko, producer Jaie Gonzalez and Decoder Ring drummer Jasper Fenton are currently working on their debut album, to follow up their Circle Trilogy EP and their recent collaborative ambient work with artist James Kerr No Way Back.

Last but not least is Disco Club. Long time favourites here at Music Feeds, the duo come collective, based around the partnership between the aforementioned video artist Joel Burrows aka SunSun and Whipped Cream Chargers guitarist Louis Roach aka Balls Deep and now at times involving former member of Ghosts Of Television Dan Hollins aka Ombudsman amongst other random additions every now and again have just released a mixtape, entitled The Meditation Mixtape, showcasing a mixture of originals, remixes and mash-ups.

For more information visit the facebook event here.

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