Montero Play GoodGod Tonight With Domeyko/Gonzalez & Erik Omen

Making the trek up from Melbourne town, Montero, one of the latest projects to come out of grade a label legends Mistletone, are bringing their slo-wave 80’s soft-rock inspired jams to GoodGod tonight, along with weighty support from local experimental trio Domeyko/Gonzalez and one of the latest signings to Siberia Records (Midnight Juggernauts, Kirin J Callinan), dream pop sextet Erik Omen.

Having released their debut 7″ Mumbia/Rainman in past months, Montero have been getting loads of attention from all parts, their spaced out pop sound earning them comparisons to everyone from Ariel Pink to 10cc. The brainchild of comic/video artist and Mistletone artist-in-residence Bjenny Montero, the band is a bit of a super group, the band featuring the musical smarts of Guy Blackman (Chapter Music honcho and balladeer), Geoffrey O’Connor (Crayon Fields), Cameron Potts (Ninety Nine, Baseball, Cuba Is Japan), Robert Bravington (Cuba Is Japan) and Gerald Wells (The TM Band). To quote the press release, “a powerful, sensual group of sensitive and inspiring men.”

The music itself is also best left to the press release for description, as I don’t think I can out do the genre hyphenation and indulgent use of adjecticves therein. “The two jams on the debut Montero 7″ single are shaping up to be the pop/schmaltz/glam/prog/post-mellow/wave-wave/man-core anthems for tomorrow. Mumbai is best described as post economic meltdown relaxation pop; its lilting cadences evoke a flood of associations — self help rock, Wall Street relaxation tape sounds, stress ball gazing, new age ocean rock, positive thoughts manuals and the Indian Ocean. Rainman is the big daddy of the hitherto-unknown genre of custody battle space rock, or should we call it camp psychedelic divorcecore? Either way, its transportive synths, epic MOR moves and face melting guitar solo will dissolve all inhibitions.” Magic stuff.

Each song comes teamed with their own video, Rainman directed by Bjenny Montero himself, while Mumbai sees Laura cashman take over, and sort of complete the picture of this strange and varied project.

Montero play GoodGod Small Club tonight, Sept 15th with Domeyko/Gonzalez and Erik Omen. $10. Doors 8pm.

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