Slaves Guitarist Speaks Out About Breakup, Says He’s In Debt

US rock group Slaves announced yesterday that they are breaking up and now guitarist Alex Lyman has posted a lengthy statement addressing the bands breakup.

Lyman posted a nostalgic note on Twitter saying that, “when you think back on the past your mind recalls more positive than negative”.

He recalled the many people that he had “the pleasure of meeting” but also breifly noted some of the negatives.

“I’m in debt, have hundreds of tickets sitting at my house n [sic] I’m still trying to figure out what life has in store for me at 26,” he wrote.

The band released their debut album back in 2014 Through Art We Are Equals and dropped one more Routine Breathing last year. They were booted from the Warped Tour in the US last year and as a result were forced to sell of merch at discounted prices which no doubt wouldn’t have helped any debt problems.

Like he did upon the breakup announcement, he reiterated that him and the rest of the band are on good terms calling them “some of the best people I’ve ever known”.

We’re still waiting on news from frontman Johnny Craig after he promised there would be an announcement in two days and assured fans “everything is gonna be ok”.

Read Lyman’s full Twitter post below.

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