Slipknot Drummer Releases New Teaser For ‘Scar the Martyr’

Scar The Martyr, the latest side-project from Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, have released a new trailer for their upcoming album. The band are currently in the studio, working on the as-yet-untitled album, with a release slated for later this year.

In the video, keyboard player Chris Vrenna describes the album as “really dynamic, the riff’s are heavy as fuck and the drumming is just incredible”. Recording is taking place at Sound Farm Studios in Slipknot’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa and is being helmed by Rhys Fulber, formerly of Front Line Assembly and producer of records by Fear Factory and Rob Zombie.

The entire album has been penned by Jordison and singer Henry Derek Bonner of Blood Promise. Jordison said that he “focused [his] efforts on writing for the better of the song,” going on to say:

I wasn’t worried about flash or persona… It’s all about writing a good solid song. I’m writing music that people can grasp and hold on to…something that resonates. If you don’t have that, then you have nothing.”

Jordison plays drums on all the tracks as well as bass guitar, and rhythm guitar on all but two tracks. The album will draw influences from post-punk and industrial music and will deviate from the sound of Slipknot. The album will be released on Roadrunner Records.


Watch: Scar The Martyr – Teaser #2

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