Slipknot Are Teasing Australian Fans With These Street Posters

Last month we felt the initial tremors, and today comes a much stronger rumble that suggests Slipknot may soon be touring throughout Australia. If true, this will be their latest Australian run since Soundwave 2015.

This afternoon, photos began springing up left right and centre on social media. Reportedly from Sydney’s Central Station, to Alexandria right down to Collingwood, we’ve seen posters depicting the masked men and the slogan “Prepare For Hell”. We imagine there will be more street posters snapped in the coming days.

While it could suggest a tour, “Prepare For Hell” is somewhat ambiguous. Could it be an Australian exclusive release? Perhaps a DVD of their latest Australian tour? Is to do with this joint announcement between Corey Taylor and Ozzy Osbourne? Or could they literally be summoning the Dark Lord into our mortal coil to enslave all of mankind?

As insanely metal as all those things would be, we at Music Feeds are content with just a simple headline tour. But could be a good idea to get your affairs in order for the Dark Lords arrival, just to be safe.

More to come!

UPDATE 13/05/16: It’s official, Slipknot have announced 2016 Australian headline tour dates!

Beleive me I am #prepareforhell #slipknot #shawncrahan

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Gallery: Slipknot @ Soundwave 2015 Melbourne / Photos By Brett Schewitz

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