Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Performs In A Neckbrace, Suffers Hard Fall At US Concert

Damn, that Corey Taylor guy is really in the wars right now.

After breaking his motherflippin’ neck and undergoing emergency spinal surgery mere weeks ago, the Slipknot frontman is already back in the mask, performing with the Nine on their rescheduled North American tour.

The Maggot Master has been ordered by doctors to refrain from his usual live antics such as jumping around like a maniac and headbanging to make sure he doesn’t – you know – fuck himself even worse, but it seems that even the reduced rigours of performing a full Slipknot set are taking their toll.

The frontman fell at the end of the band’s set at Atlanta’s Lakewood Amphitheatre last night, and reportedly had to be carried off by the stage crew.

Witnesses told Blabbermouth that CT “took a hard fall” and “couldn’t walk when they picked him up”, while EMTs rushed backstage to help him.

“Throughout the show he was clearly in pain from his neck but still clearly gave it all he could,” one fan reported. “The neck pain/previous injury plus the 95º (35ºC) Atlanta heat and his fully-covering outfit=a downed frontman. He was shaking and looked to not be in a good way as they pulled him off.”

Taylor himself has since Tweeted about the incident, assuring fans that he wasn’t seriously injured (you know, any more than he was already) and that the Knot’s shows would continue as scheduled.

“ATL: haha don’t worry, I’m okay!” he wrote. “I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha! DAMN it hurt- but DAMN what a crowd! See you again soon! #CMFT”

Atlanta was the second show of Slipknot’s rescheduled North American tour following Taylor’s unplanned surgery. The first took place in Nashville, where the Masked Ones busted out a 17-song set and Taylor told the crowd: “Let’s address the elephant in the room: I fucking broke my neck. But there was no way I wasn’t coming to Nashville to do this show.”

He later added: “It sure is weird playing with this pillow on my neck.”

Catch footage of Slipknot’s finale song at Lakewood – Spit It Out, below.

(Fun bonus: here’s some A+ footage of Justin Bieber stacking it onstage while fixing his pants).

UPDATE 01/07/16: Footage has now emerged of CT’s epic stack. Watch it here.

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