Slipnot’s Sid Working On EP With Fred Durst

In news that will shock some Slipknot fans, Sid Wilson has announced that he is working with Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst after meeting him on the Soundwave tour last month.

Sid and Fred have been recording together at the Cash Money Records recording studio in Florida and according to Sid, the pair “clicked instantly”.

Speaking with NME, Sid said:

We did the Australian tour together and we just clicked instantly…There was an instant connection when we got to talking. I went out to Florida to hang out with him and we went into the Cash Money, Young Money studios together to work on new music.

I’m going to do an EP with Fred Durst. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s definitely part of this new, dirtier approach to music making I’m doing right now. It’s great to work with Fred, he understands the harder edge of the world that I’m into.

Sid was a crowd favourite in Australia during the Soundwave Festival. He managed to climb the stage scaffolding and jump into the crowd at every show. Fred Durst also made the most of the tour by dedicating every show to Jessica Michalik, the girl who was crushed during their set at Big Day Out 2001.

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