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Limp Bizkit Debut New Song ‘Dad Vibes’ Onstage As Fred Durst Dresses To Match

Limp Bizkit have got gums flapping about their g-g-generation after appearing on stage as part of Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival at the weekend.

As well as busting out a stack of their old classics at the fest, the nu-metal legends also debuted a brand new song dubbed ‘Dad Vibes’, with frontman Fred Durst rollin’ onto the stage sporting a bizarre “dad” getup to match.

Rocking a baggy lemon polo shirt, grey toupee & matching handlebar moustache with red aviator sunnies, Durst told the crowd: “Let me know if you’re feeling my… dad vibes!”

Then, before launching into the fresh tune, he announced: “This song right here is for you and only you. This is a song off our new album called ‘Dad Vibes.’ I wanna see everybody out there dancing right now.”

Now, while it’s still unclear whether Daddy Durst’s makeover is serious or a total pisstake, Bizkit diehards don’t seem phased. Instead, they’re flooding social media with love and appreciation for the king of nu-metal and his triumphant live resurgence:

As for Bizkit’s new album that Durst hinted at, it’s been a long time coming to say the least.

The follow-up to 2011’s Gold Cobra has long had the working title of Stampede of the Disco Elephants, but we’re not sure if that’s still the case.

The band apparently started recording the LP back in 2018, before debuting a new track called ‘WASTEOID’ live the following year.

Meanwhile, ICYMI, one of Bring Me The Horizon’s recent singles was originally written for Limp Bizkit.

While we wait for more details of Durst & co’s long awaited new album to emerge, you can watch footage of their full Lollapalooza set, and scope Durst’s Instagram post featuring the complete lyrics to ‘Dad Vibes’, below.


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