Smash Mouth Are Still “With It”, Release EDM Track To Prove It

Rumours of the demise of ’90s jock rockers Smash Mouth have been wildly exaggerated, it seems, with the band releasing a new single that proves just how relevant and engaged they still are. Love Is A Soldier is a thumping dance track, because this is what the kids want these days.

The band collaborated with DJ Spector for the release, who doesn’t appear to have too much clout – But boy, is that about to change. The track features just about every cliché from dance music over the past five or so years from the ethereal backing female vocal to a narrative of burning in the name of love, but when you’ve been out of the game this long you need to cover all bases.

The whole thing could work, in theory, if vocalist Steve Harwell didn’t kind of sound like your dad singing along to a new Flume track in the car. It’s simply too early days now, with so much confusion to know if the single is the first murmurs of a new album from the band.

Earlier in the year, Smash Mouth popped up again when they took to Twitter to reveal that no, they don’t owe their success to several highly lucrative sync deals with blockbuster films, but rather their artistic integrity and talent.

Like, yeah…Clearly:

WATCH: Specter vs. Smash Mouth – Love Is A Soldier

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