Snoop Dogg Invests in “Uber For Weed” Start-Up

It’s the dream of lethargic stoners the world over: an Uber-style app, but for weed. Well, thanks to one of the world’s biggest Mary-Jane aficionados, Snoop Dogg, a freshly delivered bag of green via your smartphone may soon be more than just a pipe (heh) dream.

And by “your”, I of course am referring to US citizens who live in certain states with a certified medicinal need for marijuana treatment. Sorry, dudes.

Eaze is the name of the San Francisco-based app that the continually evolving rap star has reportedly sunk his hard-earned dollar bills into, which has already assisted 30,000 customers in getting baked since launching and is looking to expand by taking advantage of America’s increasingly liberal attitude to weed.

Working just as you’d imagine, the app aims to have the (medicinal) marijuana delivered to the customer’s door in 10 minutes, which is conveniently the exact amount of time it takes someone blazed to get up off the couch and make their way to the front door.

Now that Snoop has given the app some limelight I don’t see it taking too long for other celebrities and even brands to get involved for some lucrative partnerships. I give it a couple of months before Miley Cyrus is helping advertise Eaze, brought to you by Taco Bell.

Watch: Snoop Lion – Smoke The Weed (ft. Collie Buddz)

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