Snoop Dogg Teases New Pharrell Collab While Promoting Weed

Snoop Dogg has teased the latest instalment in his ongoing, fruitful working relationship with Pharrell Williams while shilling fellow rapper Kurupt’s new brand of marijuana. Reportedly titled Lightning Strikes, the track is heard in a promo clip that features Snoop happily rolling a blunt with Kurupt’s special blend.

As The Guardian reports, Kurupt’s MoonRock is now being sold at medical marijuana dispensaries across California and to help promote the special product, Snoop has starred in a pair of vlogs, one of which features a bouncy, disco-inspired beat featuring the unmistakable voices of Pharrell and Snoop.

I gets my groove on, I do my thang / My planet’s Krypton, home of the freaks / Come get yo moon rocks, I am a G“, Snoop raps, before Nile Rodgers-like guitar and a heavily AutoTuned Pharrell kick in. “When lightning strikes, you know it,” Snoop exclaims in the clip, raising a jar of Kurupt’s patented MoonRock.

However, Snoop’s acumen quickly puts an end to the party. The West Coast hip-hop legend shuts off the song to thwart any potential leaks, telling the cameraman, “That’s enough of that music. I can’t let you hear all that shit ’cause you be done put the shit out… Yo ass got a verse and a half.”

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Photos by Anwar Rizk

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