Snoop Lion Says Miley Cyrus Is “One Of The Greatest Musicians Of All Time”

You know Snoop was smoking the good ‘erb yesterday. The reggae rapper has called Miley Cyrus “one of the greatest musicians of all time”, with the comments coming during an interview at yesterday’s MTV Movie Awards on the red carpet where Snoop was asked about his recent collaboration with Cyrus.

With nothing but praise for the young performer, Snoop said that the brilliance of Cyrus is often overlooked and taken for granted because she grew up in the public spotlight:

“She was one of the greatest musicians and personalities of all time… She loves what I do and I really love what she do, and for us to come together is very bold and courageous.”

Snoop also added that although the collaboration between the two is in some ways a bold and unexpected move, it also makes sense given the current transition both artists are going through – Snoop evolving from a Dogg to a Lion and Miley evolving from a girl to a slightly older girl:

“We’re both going through transformation, we both love making music and doing what we do and speaking from our hearts, and it’s just a great collaboration…

“People just expect so much from her because they’ve been watching her whole life from a kid. She’s just ready to be an adult and have fun and express herself, and I support her.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Well, of course Miley Cyrus is one of all time greats – up there with Lennon, Hendrix and Cobain – but what’s all this about a collaboration?!”

Well, the track is called Ashtrays and Heartbreaks and it’s set to feature on Snoop Lion’s reggae album Reincarnated, due out Friday, 26th April. Cyrus has also worked in the studio with Tyler, The Creator and Pharrell Williams for her upcoming record Reborn.

You can check out the lyric video for Ashtrays and Heartbreaks and Snoop talking about Cyrus below.

Watch: Snoop Lion – Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (ft. Miley Cyrus)

Watch: Snoop Lion praises Miley Cyrus – MTV Movie Awards Interview

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