Snoop Lion’s Live-Streamed 4/20 Extravaganza Shut Down By The Cops

Police were called to Snoop Lion‘s 4/20 celebration party at his Hollywood Hills mansion on the weekend, with the party being shut down just as the Lion himself arrived. Neighbours had been making complaints about noise levels and partygoers’ cars congesting the area.

The artist formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg live-streamed his international day of the stoner celebrations, giving fans access to kick back and smoke along at home for only $4.20, calling it the Snoop Lion 420 Festival. According to TMZ, the rapper spoke to the police and was even described as “incredibly cooperative”.

This can only be described as seriously embarrassing, not only for the Little Lion Man himself, but also for the fans who paid to watch the thing online. Just goes to show you that your only guarantee of getting your money’s worth when tuning in for live streams is to make sure they’re free…like ours are.


We do hope Snoop can continue to light up the green and continue his extravagant lifestyle. After all, where would we be without outlandish statements such as Miley Cyrus is one of the greatest musicians of all time”, or video games described as a “rhythm-action, beat-matching combat experience”? Nowhere, that’s where.

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