Sober Driver Suspended For Driving Under The Influence Of Drum & Bass

An English motorist’s licence has been suspended for 12 months despite blowing a zero reading when breathalysed and being found to not be under the influence of any drugs after a court found the driver guilty of being intoxicated on drum and bass.

As reported by The Bristol Post, 25-year-old Aaron Cogley was stopped by police after driving his Ford through two red lights and almost hitting a pedestrian when taking a corner. When pulled over the coppers found Cogley to only be under the influence of 160-180 BPM.

When the matter was taken to Bristol Crown Court, prosecutor Mark Hollier said that, “When asked about it he said he was listening to drum and bass and was in a hurry.”

Cogley’s defence lawyer, David Miller, explained that his client “was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music”.

“Intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others,” remarked Kevin De Haan of the Queens Council.

Court adjourned!

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