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Josh Dives | Credit: Declan Blackall

The Artists Who Inspired Josh Dives’ ‘Inside Times’

Josh Dives‘ latest single, ‘Inside Times’, came out in November 2022 via the influential French label Kitsuné Musique. The Sydney-based Dives started working on the song during Sydney’s first Covid lockdown of 2020. However, despite the uncertainty that swirled during this period, anxiety takes a back seat to slow-moving synth-pop escapism on ‘Inside Times’.

The agile production reflects Dives’ diverse taste in music, which encompasses jazz, psychedelia, vintage pop and Italo disco. Here, Dives names four artists that had a significant influence on ‘Inside Times’.

Josh Dives – ‘Inside Times’

Rory McCarthy (R McCarthy, Infinite Bisous, Keyboard, Column)

Josh Dives: My biggest influence while I was writing ‘Inside Times’ was probably R McCarthy and his various musical monikers on his Tasty Morsels label (Infinite Bisous, Keyboard; the band Column). His music is downtempo, delicate, brooding, synth-laden and incredibly visual.

My good buddy Jermango Dreaming introduced me to Column’s album, A Year In Your Garden, a couple of years prior and it really stuck with me. The synths in that album are so otherworldly – they almost sound like flora growing and twisting around a garden bed.

I love how the snare samples on that record sound so soft but have such a huge punch to them at the same time. Definitely a big influence on how I produced the drums in my track.

Men I Trust

Dives: Men I Trust and their album Oncle Jazz had a big influence on my vocal sound and use of space in ‘Inside Times’. Emma [Proulx]’s vocals are so soft and whispered but so luscious at the same time. They shine through in the mix without clouding any of the other instrumentation. I love the deep-pocket drums and infectiously groovy, melodic bass on the album version of ‘Numb’ sitting front and centre of the mix.

Paul McCartney and Wings

Dives: Back when I was writing and producing this track, I was obsessed with the Wings song ‘Arrow Through Me’. The bass and drum groove is so solid and so infectious without being too busy. Definitely a huge influence on the rhythm section of ‘Inside Times’. So much space in that track too. It’s effortlessly cool and soulful. Also, the vocals are insane.


Dives: Khuarangbin’s studio production and minimal arrangements are so impressive, particularly on their album Mordechai. The track ‘First Class’ is probably my favourite on that record. The drum sounds are light but extremely punchy, and so deep in the pocket. I love how the bass guitar tends to play such a melodic role in their tracks, something that I tried to emulate in my track.

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