Social Media Hates The New $5 Note So They’re Putting Aussie Musicians On It For Laughs

A new $5 note was unveiled by the Reserve Bank Of Australia this morning but Twitter is already suggesting ways of improving it with most tweeters getting rid of the Queen and replacing her with musicians.

It’s not so much suggesting as it is just doing as people have gone right ahead and photoshopped various legends of ‘Straya over the top of our gracious Queen.

Australia’s newest popstar Troye Sivan has been photoshopped on the note and he actually looks quite regal there while one of Australia’s most established popstars Delta Goodrem was an early suggestion for the note’s redesign.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.45.21 pm

Someone else has gone and stamped a big Hi-5 logo on the note and moved the Queen’s eyes to look at it. The colour schemes are actually scarily similar too.

Stoney Roads have also gone and added Will Sparks to the note which would be a fitting tribute to Australia’s Melbourne bounce scene.

Of course it’s not only musicians that are getting popped on the note. Australian icons like Shane Warne and Tony Abbott’s speed dealer sunnies are also included.

Once again Shannon Noll has been left asking, “what about me?”, as he’s yet to be ‘shopped onto the note. Surely it’s only a matter of time.

While the Queen is the one being replaced in most of the photoshops, it doesn’t seem to be her that everyone has a problem with. It’s the “vomit-like” colour of the note that has Twitter spewing with people finding a sudden interest in the colour scheme of our money.

The note is due to hit the stores in September and there’s little to no chance that Hi-5 or Delta Goodrem will be on them. Sorry.

Oh, and here is the real one that will be rolled-out.
Image: Twitter

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