Image: Facebook/Reuben Gore

Some Genius Has Gifted The World With A Minecraft-Built ‘Splendour In The Grass’

Everyone is spending their time in quarantine or isolation in different ways. Some people are taking up new hobbies, some people are napping constantly and a whole lot of people are baking their own bread for whatever reason.

Some of us, however, are devoting our time to true God-tier levels of art, like Adelaide’s Reuben Gore who spent 30 hours building an ersatz Splendour In The Grass in popular game Minecraft.

The clip is something that truly has to be seen to be believed. Gore managed to get every last detail – the beloved Smirnoff bar, Flume’s current graphics on the Ampitheatre stage, even a copious amount of sniffer dogs. You can smell the amyl from here.

Speaking to Music Junkee, Gore – who is behind popular Facebook group ‘Aus Music Memes For Tash Sultana Loving Teens’ – said that he adopted this project to help him with mandatory isolation after he recently returned from America.

“I’d say about 30 hours total build time,” Gore told Music Junkee.

“We just thought it would be a bit of a laugh to make virtual Splendour during the COVID pandemic.”

Splendour In The Grass, of course, was one of the countless live music events that were forced to postpone amid the pandemic, and will now be happening in October. The lineup is said to remain the same.

Watch a glorious video of Splendour In The Minecraft below.

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