Some Legend Put Justin Bieber In A Headlock And Threw Him Out Of Coachella

An American hero has swung to the rescue to foil pestilent music industry wart Justin Bieber’s attempt to ruin Coachella 2015. The nameless security guard apparently put the Biebs in a stranglehold and sent him packing after the teen heartthrob attempted to force his way through to the VIP section during Drake’s headlining set on Day Three.

According to TMZ, Bieber had been refused access due to capacity issues, but enlisted a Coachella staffer to try to weasel his way through anyway.

But our hero wasn’t having a bar of it. Video of the incident has since come to light, along with reports that Bieber is now considering legal action against Coachella. The joy this brings us comes with a slight sense of regret for feeling a little bit sorry for Biebs after he was so sincere at the end of that Roast.

Watch: Justine Bieber Kicked Out Of Coachella

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