UPDATED: Some Lowlife Has Stolen A Guitar From Frenzal Rhomb’s Support Band I Exist

Sydney punk legends Frenzal Rhomb are currently in the midst of a pre-album lap of Australia. They’re touring to say a final see-ya before trotting off to Colorado to commence work on their ninth studio LP this September. However, the happy occasion has unfortunately been marred by an act of callous douchebaggery.

At their Central Coast gig on Saturday night, one of Frenzal’s buddies from support act I Exist had an expensive guitar stolen. And, as the band has explained on their official Facebook page, the loss is more than just monetary:

Dear Internet, we know this hardly ever works, but last night sometime during Frenzal Rhomb’s set at The Entrance Leagues club, someone stole Josh’s 1987 Artic White Les Paul Custom (Serial: 8229 7574). The guitar is not only worth money, but obviously holds sentimental value as well. It has a distinct drawing stuck to it by Josh’s daughter and has Lace Hesher and Lifer pickups installed in it, as identifiers.

Anyone who might be able to help the band track down the missing axe is urged to get in contact with them via their social media accounts, or else email them at [email protected].

Frenzal, meanwhile, have added their own commentary on the matter, urging anyone who might know the culprit to “please tell him/her to A), give the fucking thing back (no questions asked), and B) never come to a fucking Frenzal show again.”

Unfortunately it wasn’t the only act of fuckwittery to trouble the NSW live music scene over the long weekend. Angry protestors took to the streets of Sydney yesterday after transgender bassist Stephanie McCarthy was bashed in an unprovoked attack at The Townie, while waiting to perform with her band Love Maul on Friday night.

Frenzal have weighed in on that incident, too, in a very strongly worded (i.e. sweary) Facebook post shaming both the perpetrators and the establishment that allowed the incident to happen:

“This is fucking bullshit. There’s way too much crap like this happening lately, and it’s fucked.

If you think it’s cool to call someone a “faggot”, or a “homo”, or whatever, let alone fucking king hit someone, you’re a fucking goose.

If you drink at The Townie in Newtown, don’t.

Fuck the weak cunts that did this, and fuck the Townie bouncers that escorted them safely from the premises.”

UPDATE 09/06/15: I Exist guitarist Josh Nixon has released a touching open letter (below) regarding his stolen guitar, and has offered a reward of “Skype guitar lessons for one year at least once a week” for safe return of the instrument.

In his statement, Nixon reflects on the guitar — which is named Shirl after his late grandmother — and says “the part that hurts the most” is that a picture drawn by his eldest daughter, which was stuck onto the guitar “is likely in the bin by now”.

Read Nixon’s statement in full, below.

Watch: Frenzal Rhomb – Bird Attack

The following is from Josh, our Guitarist who doesn't use Facebook regarding the stolen Les Paul, and asked me to share,…

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Hey dudes, our buddy Josh from I Exist had his axe stolen from Bateau Bay last night. If you know the culprit, please…

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This is fucking bullshit. There's way too much crap like this happening lately, and it's fucked.If you think it's…

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