Frenzal Rhomb Poke Fun At Soundwave, Its Bands & AJ Maddah

Beloved troublemakers Frenzal Rhomb have poked fun at the now-cancelled Soundwave Festival, its billed 2016 bands and its promoter, AJ Maddah.

Taking to Facebook, Frenzal Rhomb — who were announced on Soundwave’s now non-existent 2016 lineup — say, “We fucked Soundwave. We’re really sorry, it’s all our fault,” before piling on the lols.

“How were we to know that being privately chauffeured to the shows, individually, on the back of Jimmy Barnes’ children wearing roller skates, would not leave AJ enough money to pay Burn Me A Toasted Sandwich, Fly Me To The Moon, My Pants Are A Warzone, Banana Helmet Fiasco, and all the other shit metal core bands their money?”

Frenzal go on to say that their bad luck doesn’t extend only to the cancellation of Soundwave, with drummer Gordy Forman’s arm “fucked”, vocalist Jason Whalley “nearly eaten by horrific parasites”, bassist Tom Crease “[capsizing] his yacht” and guitarist Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall undergoing emergency surgery today “to have something inside his eye reattached to something else inside his eye”.

Closing out their post, Frenzal take another swipe at Maddah as they announce that they are postponing their upcoming shows in Ulladulla, Windsor, and Katoomba.

“Tickets for the postponed shows are still valid for the rescheduled dates, but if we announce and it fucks your plans, hit us up and I’m sure we can arrange a refund or a sleepover at Lindsay’s house,” they say. “Or hit up AJ, he’s pretty good for saying he’ll pay, and then just fucking not paying.”

McDougall has also used Soundwave’s demise to have a bit of fun with Maddah, posting:

#putoutyourfedoras #sw16

Posted by Lindsay McDougall on Thursday, 17 December 2015

Catch Frenzal Rhomb’s Facebook post claiming responsibility for ‘fucking up’ Soundwave, below.

We fucked Soundwave. We’re really sorry, it’s all our fault.How were we to know that being privately chauffeured to…

Posted by Frenzal Rhomb on Thursday, 17 December 2015

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