Someone Threw A Dead Fish At Liam Gallagher, And He Wasn’t Having It

Is this week over yet?

In what’s now probably a totally normal and remarkably uninteresting event in the course of Liam Gallagher‘s life, a dead fish was thrown at him during Spain’s Internacional de Benicàssim festival.

On Sunday night, right before he was about to perform Oasis’ ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, Gallagher’s guitarist seemingly pointed out to him that someone had thrown a smelly, dead fish on to the stage for some reason.

Gallagher wasn’t a fan, asking “So which dickhead threw the fish here, then?”

“Fuckin’ stinky, smelly fish, man? It ain’t that fuckin’ bad. Don’t be throwing fish on stage mate, I’ve seen a lot worse than this shit.”

A dead fish seems pretty random to us, but apparently it’s just run of the mill for old mate LG. In the grand scheme of things, this rant is pretty tame for Gallagher, especially off the heels from Shannon Noll’s tirade a few weeks back.

Watch the full fish-flinging fiasco below.

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