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Liam Gallagher Releases New Album

Liam Gallagher and John Squire released their new joint album, titled ‘Liam Gallagher &John Squire’, on 1st March 2024.

The entire affair is fleshed out by Oasis’ singer, along with some pretty distinctive guitar work by Squire.

Liam Gallagher – ‘Mars To Liverpool’

Bassist Greg Kurstin and drummer Joey Waronker were among the producers who gave the spare instrumentation lushness. Harmonic and instrumental change-ups ran the gamut of the experimentation on that guitar/drum/vocal-based masterpiece.

These slow intros open the way to their power, keeping these choruses and outros in place. One of the superb songs in this album is “Raise Your Hands,” with tension-grabbing distorted guitar chords perfectly harmonized by Gallagher’s voice and Squire’s guitar, ending smoothly with a piano outro. 

Another single in the album is “Mars to Liverpool”; its minor chords and less heavy instrumentation give the force of both Gallagher’s voice and guitar. This is quite a unique song on this album because of its dramatic changes in tone and rhythm. “I’m A Wheel” is repetitive, and it has an intro to another song in the album. The drum variation is relatively minimal, and after every chorus, there is a pause that is not so appealing, though Gallagher’s vocal is quite perfect. 

The lyrics in the album portray a strong message of hope. The overarching message of the album is a real focus on being very resilient, particularly in songs such as “Raise Your Hands,” where metaphors come out, such as “If you are sinking in the sand, raise your hands, I can see you” really push for that perseverance and support. On the overall aspect, concerning listening, the compositions of the music and genre of the album present a breath of fresh air, while the breathtaking vocals of Gallagher keep up all through.

Stream the new album of Liam Gallagher here

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