Soon You’ll Be Able To Buy Shares In Eminem’s Music

You know how you’ve always wanted to buy stock in Eminem? Us neither, but now thanks to some of the guys who served on Eminem’s production team between 1999 and 2013 you’ll be able to buy shares in the rapper’s music.

Rolling Stone reports Jeff and Mark Bass of FBT productions have plans to auction off their shares of the royalties made on all of Eminem’s songs recorded during that period which includes most of his greatest hits – all the way from The Slim Shady LP  to The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

If they’re successful in getting the idea off the ground, punters will be able to buy a minimum of 150 shares for $2,250 USD, and once the company has raised $11 million USD they’ll be listed on the public stock exchange meaning literally anyone will be able to buy, sell and trade in Eminem’s music.

The sales will all go through a company called Royalty Flow, with a rep for the company telling Rolling Stone that it will be like buying or selling any other stock. “If you own any Apple stocks, for instance, it’s exactly the same,” they said.

A representative for Eminem has confirmed to Variety that the rapper is not involved in any way in the new business or the sale of shares of his own music.

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