Soundwave 2013 Timetables Released – Sydney And Brisbane

Soundwave organisers have now revealed the highly anticipated timetable for the most out-of-control festival ever. With really only a matter of days between now and showtime, it’s time to buckle down and start plotting how to squeeze as much of the line-up as possible into your schedule.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you’re probably the organiser of your group, so be sure to budget for 10-15 minutes lolly-gagging time, and for the lone wolves, you will need to time your day perfectly. Either way, the below timetable will come in handy, and it could potentially help if you bookmark this page on your phone.

Metal, punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, pop punk, prog – they’re all their, and you’d have to be a pretty miserable person not to find some sort of joy in the below selection. It’s one thing that we can all appreciate about a festival that would seem to only get pinned down to being a ‘heavier’ type music; those with eclectic tastes will not be disappointed.

Ticket holders have been stinging for the finer details of the day, so for now it’s only Sydney and Brisbane who have been locked in, but the rest are sure to come soon. Timetables were high on the list of demands, so maps and travel information will come after.

Update 11/02/2013: Melbourne timetables announced

Update 13/02/2013: New revised timetables have been released to address some clashes. The new timetables are below.

Update 15/02/2013: Further revisions have been made to the timetable. The new timetables have been added below.

Update 22/02/2013: Final timetables have been released.

Saturday 23rd February Brisbane – RNA Showgrounds


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Sunday 24th February Sydney – Olympic Park

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