Soundwave Group Madball Have Gear Stolen In New York, Including ‘Irreplaceable’ Guitars

Hardcore dons Madball have reached out to the fanbase after discovering that their gear had been stolen while they were in New York. The band have posted an image of what has been taken and urges fans to keep their eyes pealed.

According to the band’s Facebook post, they “had some band equipment stolen this past weekend, including some of our guitars which are irreplaceable”. They encourage their followers to check out their “local guitar store, pawn shop, anywhere someone might look to turn these into cash” for the stolen goods.

Though it happened in NY, they advise people in nearby regions to stay alert.

Chances are this won’t affect their performance at Soundwave, though moral is sure to be down should those badass guitars and the hectic rig not be returned to their rightful owners. Check out the image below.

Anyone with information is instructed to contact Madball’s management at


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