Spacey Jane Plot New Tour Dates, In-Store Signings Alongside New Album

Beloved indie outfit Spacey Jane are on track to be a band of busy bees, with their newly-released second album resulting in new tour dates, record store appearances, and even a new video.

Officially releases Here Comes Everybody today, Spacey Jane’s second album has undoubtedly become one of Australian music’s most anticipated albums for 2022. With last album, Sunlight, peaking at #2 in 2020, the group’s profile has only risen since, with numerous singles and sold-out shows preceding the new record’s release.

Now, as the group share their latest full-length effort, they’ve expanded their forthcoming tour. With five dates already sold out on their August trek, the band have since added new shows in Sydney and Brisbane, with two extra appearances now scheduled for Melbourne.

Alongside this tour expansion, Spacey Jane are also set to head around the country from tomorrow, hitting up six record stores in as many days for a series of in-store performances and signings.

Beginning at HUM On King in Sydney on Saturday, the group will visit Brisbane’s Rocking Horse, Canberra’s Landspeed Records, Adelaide’s Clarity Records, Melbourne’s Oh! Jean Records, and Fremantle’s Mills Records, with only Brisbane and Fremantle featuring an acoustic performance alongside a signing.

In addition to their stacked itinerary, Spacey Jane have complemented the release of Here Comes Everybody (itself named for the working title of Wilco’s landmark Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) with the new lyric video for their poignant ballad, ‘Pulling Through’.

“This song is for a friend who lost a loved one,” explains frontman Caleb Harper. “I didn’t really know what to say at the time except for ‘I’m sorry and I hope you’re ok’ so putting it in a song made it easier.

“I think it’s hard to not feel cheesy or tokenistic when you’re trying to support someone through grief but I feel like, through this song, I could say it exactly how I wanted to.”

Spacey Jane – Here Comes Everybody Australian Tour

  • Friday, 5th August – Perth Arena, Perth WA
  • Thursday, 11th August – Big Top, Sydney, NSW (New Show)
  • Friday, 12th August – Big Top, Sydney, NSW
  • Saturday, 13th August – Big Top, Sydney, NSW (Sold Out)
  • Wednesday, 17th August – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD (New Show)
  • Thursday, 18th August – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD
  • Friday, 19th August – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD  (Sold Out)
  • Tuesday, 23rd August – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC (New Show)
  • Wednesday, 24th August – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC (Sold Out)
  • Friday, 25th August – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC (New Show)
  • Friday, 26th August – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC (Sold Out)
  • Saturday, 27th August – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC (Sold Out)

Tickets on sale now

Spacey Jane – Record Store Appearances

  • Saturday, 25th June @ 11:00am – HUM on King, Newtown, NSW*
  • Sunday, 26th June @ 2:00pm – Rocking Horse, Brisbane, QLD+
  • Monday, 27th June @ 4:00pm – Landspeed Records, Canberra, ACT*
  • Tuesday, 28th June @ 4:30pm – Clarity Records, Adelaide SA *
  • Wednesday, 29th June @ 4:30pm – Oh! Jean Records, Melbourne, VIC*
  • Thursday, 30th June @ 4:30pm – Mills Records, Fremantle, WA+
  • * signing only
  • + acoustic performance & signing

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