Spice Girls Are (At Least Partially) Reuniting, Have Recorded “Brilliant” New Music


Let’s get this straight.

Everyone’s playing Pokémon, getting pumped to see the original Wiggles live in concert and cranking Blink-182’s new album while the Backstreet Boys are currently working on theirs.

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The power of ’90s nostalgia is growing like a supermassive black hole, so much so that it’s just sucked at least three of the OG Spice Girls back together to record some brand new tunes.

That’s right. Baby (Emma Bunton) Scary (Mel B) and Ginger (Geri Horner, formally Halliwell) have reunited in celebration of the quintessential girl group’s super-smash debut single Wannabe turning 20, and apparently there’s more big news coming.


Producer Eliot Kennedy, who helped contribute to the incred Spice World soundtrack, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that he’s written a song with the trio, and that a Spice reunion could bloody well be on the horizon.

“We have been in the studio, with just three of them – Mel B and Geri and Emma – and we had a fantastic couple of days,” he revealed (via News Corp).

“We wrote a brilliant song and the energy was exactly like it was 20 years ago, just as enthusiastic, just as much to say, just as much to celebrate.”

He continued: “I think it’s a great time [for a reunion], it’s 20 years, that’s a serious amount of time and they’ve had such a massive influence on women around the world.”

And there’s defo something cooking in Camp Spice, or at least so far as this “GEM” splinter group of Baby, Scary and Ginger is concerned.

The trio recently appeared in a video, teasing a forthcoming announcement, which most industry types reckon will be a one-off reunion concert in London’s Hyde Park, taking place next year.

But there are also whispers that a world tour could follow.

“We’ve been thinking, we have the best fans in the whole entire world … and we want to celebrate and have a party and when we do you’re all invited,” Mel B says in the vid, followed by a message on screen that reads: “We hope to tell you soon what you want, what you really, really want.”


But before you bust out your platform heels, baby doll dresses and that limited edish Spice-themed Impulse body spray that you’ve been saving since Year 4 for this very occasion, consider: it was the Spice Girls themselves who told us in the lyrics of their military-style Spice World chant that “We need five for the power of Spice”, and Posh AKA Victoria Beckham has pretty much categorically ruled herself out of any reunion plans, while Sporty AKA Mel C has apparently made it clear that she’s focusing on her solo stuff.

Still, if you want their future, forget their past.

Watch: Spice Girls – Wannabe

Watch: Spice Girls – GEM

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