Splendour Gatecrashed By Actual Snake In The Grass, Chaos Ensues

There’s been more than just Splendour In The Grass at this year’s Byron Bay extravaganza, with a snake making an unexpected cameo during The Meeting Tree’s iconic final set.

The bold fence-jumper (figuratively speaking) rocked up near the Mix Up stage on Day 2 of the festival as if to say “Yo guys, what’s the haps?” before inadvertently causing an utter shitstorm.

Video footage of the incident shows punters screaming and heading for the proverbial hills as the little mate slithers around like he’s Julian bloody Casablancas.

“It’s a cobra! An actual cobra!” one festivalgoer is overheard yelling (it’s not).

“Where’s Bindi Irwin when you need her?” another reportedly asked.

As triple j reports,  a “snake catcher” was soon-after called in to gently herd the windy man to a more chill location (in time for Snakehips’ set?).

Meanwhile, Pokémon GO players in the house were left devastated once they realised that a wild Ekans had not, in actual fact, appeared.

Catch footage of the whole thing, below.

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