Splendour In The Grass Bans Ticket Transfers But Brings Back Resale Options

Splendour In The Grass won’t be offering ticket transfer options this year in an attempt to rule out ticket scalping, but will be bringing back the ticket resale option, meaning those that missed out on the golden passes might still get a look in for Byron Bay’s favourite festival.

Splendour made the statement on their official website, saying that tickets cannot be transferred into another name and will be checked against ID at the gate, making all those tickets that have appeared on Gumtree over the last couple of days pretty much redundant. Ticket resales were available in 2011 and 2012, but say no more, mon amour:

This unfortunately opened a window for scalpers to on-sell a number of 2012 Splendour tickets at a premium. While we have always been anti-scalping, we felt that this downside was outweighed by providing a service to those who legitimately wanted to transfer their ticket to someone else. Unfortunately now it appears that the number of people intending to use this option to scalp tickets has increased to the point where it outweighs the positives provided to our patrons.

Resale tickets are going to go ahead, though, with unwanted tickets being placed into a pool to be resold to strangers. That’s good news for anyone who missed out when Splendour 2013 tickets sold out in just over an hour, with new tickets due to start appearing on Moshtix from 5th June.

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