Spoon Perform At Spoon Cover Band’s Afterparty

I once saw a drag queen version of Kylie Minogue at an Oxford St nightclub at three in the morning so convincing that for a full ten minutes I drunkenly believed that it was actually Kylie gyrating in front me with hair protruding through her stockings, which is probably how some of the punters at a Spoon cover band gig felt on Friday night, but in their case it wasn’t alcohol vision, but the actual band Spoon taking the stage.

After playing a gig in Maine over the weekend, the Austin-based rock outfit strolled over to a nearby club to watch an atrociously named local band called Jeff Beam’s Loudspeaker Wallpaper cover their albums Girls Can Tell and Kill The Moonlight in full.

Not content to just sit back and watch old mate Jeff cover their songs however, Spoon took to the stage themselves and, using the cover band’s instruments, busted out a few songs.

So does that mean Spoon covered a cover band who cover Spoon? Spoonception? My head hurts.

Check out video of the spontaneous Spoon-off below and think twice next time you notice a cover band performing eerily well.

Watch: Spoon – Monsieur Valentine and Jonathon Fisk in Portland, Maine.

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