St Kilda Festival Future Uncertain

The 2013 instalment of St Kilda Festival is only 136 days away according to the official countdown, but news has surfaced that the festival’s future is in jeopardy and may be shut down before February of next year.

An article published by Port Phillips Leader reports that the festival may be axed due to budgetary concerns. Members of the Port Phillip Council will vote on the future of the St Kilda Festival on September 24.

Deputy Mayor Frank O’Connor brought his concerns about the burden of cost created by the festival to the Port Phillip Council on September 11, after being informed the festival would reportedly cost in excess of $1.2 million. The council plans to put up $730,688 for St Kilda Festval 2013 while another $144,000 will come from sponsors. Based on estimated costs, that still leaves more than $350,000 to be accounted for, with Festival costs having more then doubled since 2009.

O’Connor has suggested reducing the festival to Saturday only and thus saving on increased Sunday rates. However, Fitzroy St Business Association President Roger Wyndham said the budgetary issues have been caused in part by Port Phillip Council’s strict regulations on who can sponsor the event.

“Don’t get me started on wasted time and money,” Mr Wyndham said.

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