Stalker Pursues John Frusciante

Erstwhile guitarist with Red Hot Chili Peppers John Frusciante is reported to be faced with an alleged stalker. Spinner reports that a woman, one August Elizabeth Thomas, is the overly attentive fan.

Thomas initially made contact with Frusciante when she allegedly approached him with the idea to write a screenplay about his illustrious life, that was in 2010.

And now it seems Frusciante has filed a request, thought to be a restraining order, after Thomas came to his home on July 28 and 29. It has also emerged that Thomas had attempted to talk to the guitarist and his wife about the potential screenplay several times before.

Frusciante’s statement said that he had received numerous emails and letters from Thomas, the musician describing them as “long, rambling and overly emotional – and in some cases, she would admit that she is ‘often drunk.'”

The statement added, “I fear both for my safety and for my wife’s safety. Given that my wife and I are musicians and often play at venues around the world, it is hard for us to avoid Ms. Thomas if she is free to continually show up to harass us.”

Frusciante left the Chili Peppers in 2009 and has worked as a producer, session musician and solo artist since then.

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