Sticky Fingers’ A+ Gesture Is Helping A US Student Improve His Grades

Sticky Fingers have already won our hearts here in Australia but they’re currently overseas winning hearts in the US and simultaneously helping kids get better grades, if this story is anything to go by.

Leslie Niemann, a US teacher, has written a message on Sticky Fingers’ Facebook page telling the story of how the band are helping one of her students achieve better grades.

She promised one of her students that she would go to a Sticky Fingers show and pick up some merch for him, if he improved his grades from a D+ to a C. Niemann turned up during soundcheck and got chatting to keys and synth player Freddy Crabs. She told him how her student was motivated by the band and was hoping to pick up something to help him get his grades up.

“He was very touched by my story and said,’I’ll be right back’,” she wrote.

“He came back with, what at first I thought was a tray, but later learned it was a drum slip cover (correct?), signed by all the members. They signed words of encouragement.”

On the drum slip the band “shared their own academic struggles” and they also took a picture with Niemann which you can check out in the full Facebook post below.

The student isn’t allowed to get his hands on the slip until he gets his grades to a C but apparently he’s getting close. He knows the prize now and he’d be pretty silly to give it up.

Unsurprisingly, Niemann now says Sticky Fingers are now one of her favourite bands.

Join the club.

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