Sticky Fingers Singer Arrested During Western Australian Festival

Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost was reportedly arrested by WA police last weekend after climbing stage scaffolding during the band’s performance at the Rottofest music festival, which takes place annually on Rottnest Island. Sticky Fingers were booked as headliners for the festival. reports that eyewitnesses saw the singer climb onto the stage roof and then jump into the crowd. Festival security, deeming it a danger to punters, approached Frost about the incident, who took exception to the “treatment.”

After an altercation with the security personnel, the WA police intervened to resolve the situation and requested Frost leave the island and return to Perth. Sticky Fingers manager Neal Hunt explained the altercation to, saying “The security gave him some grief at some point around the roof climb, and he didn’t take well to the way they approached him” and claimed that charges are “likely in the way the discussions went down.”

Frost is now expected to have to return to Perth for a court date some time in the coming months. The Perth-based promoters of Rottofest, aptly named JumpClimb, shared footage of Frost jumping into the crowd, which you can watch below.


Watch: Sticky Fingers Frontman Dylan Frost Jumps Into The Crowd At Rottofest 2013

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