Study Finds Wielding A Guitar Doubles Men’s Chances Of Scoring A Date

The longstanding belief that chicks dig musicians has now become scientific theory thanks to a new French study proving girls are twice as likely to give their number to a man carrying a guitar case.

Researcher in behavioural sciences at the University of South Brittany, Professor Nicolas Gueguen led the study by hiring a male actor to approach women at random. The actor approached women aged between 18-22, in a Brittany shopping centre, and told the unsuspecting subject they were “really pretty” before asking for their phone number.

The actor either carried a guitar case, a sports bag or was empty handed and approached 100 different women in each manner. Of the 100 women the actor approached with a guitar case, 31% of women gave up their digits. When the actor was empty handed 14 out of 100 women handed over their number and only a piddly 9% gave the actor their number when he was carrying a sports bag. Suck it, jocks!

French researchers claimed their findings are attributed to the perception that musical instruments signify a man is intelligent, willing and able to learn, and enjoys independent hobbies.

However, there’s no mention of the actor actually playing the guitar or whether the guitar case even contained a guitar. So according to this study, the only thing you’ll need to improve your chances with the ladies is an empty guitar case.

Ben Gurion University and the University of Tel Aviv carried out a similar study out last year via Facebook.. The Israeli study sent 50 single women a friend request with the message “I like your photo” and the image of a man strumming a guitar. An additional 50 single women were sent the same message but with an image of a man empty handed.

28% of women accepted the friend request from the guitar strumming man while only 10% accepted the request of the empty handed man.

Professor Gueguen’s team replicated the study using an image of a female strumming a guitar and sending friend requests to men. The French team found no difference in the response rate and in turn suggested that only women find playing a guitar an attractive quality.

According to Music Feeds own independent, highly unscientific study, it’s far more likely men will accept the friendship request of any female full stop.

(via Daily Mail)

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