Sum 41 Conversation Series Interview Is A Must-Watch For Any Die-Hard Fan

There’s really something in the air about the forthcoming new album from Sum 41. Maybe it’s the return of Dave Baksh on guitar, or maybe it’s that Deryck is sober and Avril-free. The band seem to be feeling it too, getting nice and nostalgic in an in-depth interview that’s an absolute must-watch for any fan of the band.

Part 1 of their Musicians Institute’s Conversation Series has popped up today. The series is powered by AP and features APTV mainstay journalist / Sum 41 fan himself Ryan Downey who sits down with main man Deryck Whibley and new drummer Frank Zummo.

Throughout the interview, the boys give some pretty interesting insight into some key moments throughout their career. For example, performing recently with Run DMC as Sum DMC – something Whibley describes as “a childhood dream.”

They talk about how “popular rap from the late ’80s” including Run DMC and The Beastie Boys played a huge role in shaping the band’s sound. As did influence from Nirvana and Guns and Roses. Dave Baksh entered the fray soon after Deryck and original drummer Steveo founded the group bringing with him Metallica and common ground in Iron Maiden. In 1990, bassist Cone joined the group and the band got its first record deal.

The band talk about their thoughts on their first ever release, the Half Hour Of Power EP and what it means to them now, also their inclusion in the polarising MTV Icons ceremony for Metallica. Clearly the less said about the latter the better.

Part 2 of the interview will come over night.

Earlier in the month, Sum 41 announced their first full-length album in years. The news confirmed the return of Baksh and that the album would be released via the home of pop punl Hopeless Records. We’re yet to hear anything from the album but this journalist has a good feeling.

WATCH: Sum 41 Conversation Series Part 1

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