Sum 41 Return To Their Shred-Tacular, Hook-Fest-Selves On New Song “Fake My Own Death”

It’s ok, my friends, you can come out of your hiding places now. As promised a new Sum 41 song has arrived today and Fake My Own Death is everything and anything you could want from the Canadian pop-punkers. Sum 41 are back, my friends, and all shall be right in the world.

Even for the most attentive fan, the track fell from a great height, with the band teasing the release of ~something~ around midnight EST which is, well, nowish. I, like most Sum 41 devotees clicked with great apprehension but as soon as the returned lead guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh unleashes, my fears were removed.

Fake My Own Death kicks the doors of the bar open with almighty power riff that rings out as it struts to the bar and demands some top-shelf shit. The chorus sees main man Deryck Whibley unleash for a huge chorus that will have you desperately clawing at your copy of Does This Look Infected? for another hit.

The track was boosted from the band’s forthcoming 6th studio album 13 Voices. Fake My Own Death confirms Whibley’s comments that the album was going to be deeply reflective.

The album, their first since 2011’s Scream Bloody Murder and first with Brownsound since 2004’s Chuck, drops Friday, 7th October and a tour surely won’t be far off so, my friends, it’s time to dig up all your studded belts and red/black checked everything. Our time has come again.

UPDATE: Sum 41 have unveiled the song’s official music video, confirming that they’re putting the final touched on the new album right now. “You guys have been so patient and so awesome. We wanted you to have this, even though we’re still putting the final touches on the album and haven’t officially picked the first single yet… a new song with a video so you can see what the fuck we’re up to these days!” wrote the band.

See the video here below.

UPDATE: We now have the official tracklist for the album, which is very telling in and of itself. The track names are largely dark and foreboding A Murder Of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me), Goddamn I’m Dead Again for example. Our guess is homeboy will be doing some serious healing with this album.

Watch: Sum 41 – Fake My Own Death

13 Voices Tracklist

1. A Murder Of Crows (You’re All Dead To Me)

2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again

3. Fake My Own Death

4. Breaking The Chain

5. There Will Be Blood

6. 13 Voices

7. War

8. God Save Us All (Death To POP)

9. The Fall And The Rise

10. Twisted By Design

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