Sumerian Record Drops Band, Looks To Australian Outfit To Fill Spot

After what has been described as internal tension, metal record label powerhouse Sumerian Records has announced that it has dropped US outfit Make Me Famous from their roster.

A statement posted through the company’s Facebook page fails to delve too much into what went down, but states: “It’s a shame when band members cannot get along with each other”, adding, “We wish all of them the best in their future endeavors.”

One click to the band’s Official Facebook page and the rest of the details are made clear. It appears that the internal tensions stem from vocalist Denis Shaforostov. Says the band on the issue: “According to Denis, he was the only member in the band and he treated the rest of us as unpleasantly as humanly possible, it was not fun being in a band with him…As of right now Denis has overstayed his welcome, he has a plane ticket booked home to the Ukraine and is flying back mid-tour.”

The Facebook entry concludes: “In summary, Denis has some issues and according to Denis, the fault to his issues is everyone and anyone but himself,” and adds that they will return with a new project, minus Denis.

Now this is where things get interesting. Now with a vacant spot on Euphrates (a division of Sumerian’s roster), and probably a whole lot of funds still left to spend, they have shifted the spotlight to Australian bands, looking to us to rise to the occasion.

“Maybe there’s a band from Australia that is more ready and determined for this open spot on the Euphrates roster?”

Many names are being thrown around, with current legends Northlane looking like the most popular. Whoever gets chosen will be put in similar ranks to Stick To Your Guns, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars and many other seminal bands in the scene.

Who do YOU think/want to get it?

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