Super Quest Teach Us How To Metal

We know you’ve been wondering exactly how to death metal for some time now, and thankfully Jawn Whitten of Ontario’s Super Quest has got all the answers for you, delivered in a series of handy one minute YouTube lessons.

You can be confident that the vocalist and guitarist knows his shit because he’s armed with a ‘Dance Music Sucks Shit!’ T-shirt. According to previous videos, it seems that other important elements needed to establish metal credentials of your own include talking in an excited, raspy Californian accent and locking in the most efficient technique for throwing your devil horns.

And with those credentials established, Jawn gets straight into arming you with everything you need to know about death metal in his latest vid. Tune to drop C, play the two lower strings and add shit tonnes of double bass. Oh, and don’t forget your random pitch harmonics. There you go, death metal. Oh, and you want a guitar solo? No worries! Two words – C fuckin’ minor.

While Jawn clearly rawks and rawks hard, the vids probably swing more towards hoot-orial than tutorial, but that’s not a bad thing if you’re this funny. If there’s any other questions you need answered, you can apparently contact Super Quest on 1800-YOU-STFU. Good luck with that.

Watch: How to Metal: DEATH METAL Lesson with Super Quest

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