Superheist Are Back With A New Vocalist, New Album And Headline Tour Dates

Following years of hibernation, camp Superheist is now a hotbed of activity as the nu-metal leaders of Australia confirm their return not just to the stage, but to your speakers. To get the job done, the band have enlisted a lead authority on sonic guerrilla warfare, Ezekiel Ox.

Rather than a reunion, Superheist are calling this a new beginning, Superheist II, as it were, and this time…it’s personal. The first sighting of this new and improved beast, fronted by Ox (think Mammal), was a surprise right-hook called Hands Up High.

Concise, deliberate and calculated, Hands Up High is everything you wouldn’t expect from the genre, which, let’s be real, hit a bit of a rough patch the past 10 years. That said, Hands Up High, and the newly announced full-length album on which it will be contained, Ghost Of The Social Dead, could very well be the shot in the arm it so sorely needs.

The band have now confirmed the album, which will be their forth studio effort, and will be out Friday, 28th October. The record will be supported by a run of headline dates hitting just about everywhere that counts.

This is the first we’ve heard from the band since 2003. Prior to that, they damn near had A.D.D earning their stripes as road dogs and regular festival favourites. The announcement of their demise took fans by surprise, citing infighting and loss of management as the main reasons.

All that seems to be water off a ducks back with Ox now in the fold and so we suggest demagogues / snake oil salespeople / anyone with a hidden agenda get their affairs in order, this watchdog doesn’t miss a beat.

WATCH: Superheist – Hands Up High

Superheist Australian Tour Dates

Tickets on sale now

Friday, 4th November

Factory Theatre, Sydney

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

Saturday, 5th November

The Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

Friday, 18th November

Max Watts, Melbourne

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

Saturday, 19th November

Badlands, Perth

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

Friday, 2nd December

Fowlers Live – ADELAIDE

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

Saturday, 3rd December

Brisbane Hotel – HOBART

Tickets: Wild Things Presents

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