Sydney Could Finally Be Getting A Night Mayor, If This Councillor Has Anything To Do With It

Critics of Sydney’s lockout laws have long argued that a much better solution to curbing violence would be to chuck an Amsterdam and extend trading hours, improve public transport around the clock, bolster security and implement a Night Mayor to ensure that things run smoothly after dark.

And the tides definitely seem to be shifting that way.

It was less than six months ago that NSW Premier Casino Mike Baird basically declared that the lockout laws were here to stay DGAF-what-anyone-says, but now, as we wait for the results of a review into their effectiveness, there are strong indications that the State Gov is seriously considering relaxing the alcohol curfew and toying with the idea of trialling more late night public transport.

And the good news, my friends, continues.

A Sydney politician has just unveiled a new plan to reinvigorate Sydney’s night life, including reactivating the city’s late-night economy and appointing an official Night Mayor.

City of Sydney councillor Angela Vithoulkas (who FYI is a current candidate for Lord Mayor at the upcoming local elections) reckons her plan could “help double the city’s night time economy to $36 billion and employ more than 60,000 people over five years”.

As In The Mix reports, Vithoulkas reckons the current state of affairs in post-sunset Sydney is pretty damn shithouse.

“Fresh thinking is needed if Sydney is to be considered in the top five 24-hour cities in the world with a vibrant night life,” she said, adding that “We need also need to build on events like Vivid and create more reasons for residents, workers and visitors of all ages to enjoy our city in the evening year round.”

“It is ridiculous that we have laws in place that see a kebab shop in Newtown’s main street fined for trading past midnight,” she continued. “We should be encouraging retailers, restaurants and business like the kebab shop to benefit from the night time community.”

Vithoulkhas and her Sydney Matters team have also backed a call for 24-hour trains and increased amenities in late night precincts.

And while they don’t support a blanket reversal of the lockout laws, they do want a “more measured approach… as opposed to a one size fits all approach”.

Let’s be real though: Vithoulkhas is an underdog heading into the race for Lord Mayor, especially compared to veteran leader Clover Moore, but at the very least her team’s proposals will help amp up the pressure on the lockout laws.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam’s own Night Mayor Mirik Milan will be coming Down Under to school the NSW cap on how to un-fuck its nightlife and ailing global image, when he delivers a keynote speech as part of the annual Electronic Music Conference later this year.

To keep up with all the latest news/widespread destruction caused by these wretched laws, hit up our dedicated Lockout Laws Feed.

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