System Of A Down Say New Album Will Drop Before Next LA Gig

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan has announced on stage that the band will be making a new record, telling the audience at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Monday night, “Next time we come back here, we’ll have a new fucking album!”

One could take that as an announcement of new material from the nu metal survivors but, considering all of the reports of in-fighting between singer Serj Tankian and the other members of the band, it’s probably just as likely that the band aren’t intending the play the venue for another 4,582 years.

Back in May, all hell broke loose when bassist Shavo Odadjian had a rant on his personal Facebook page, saying Tankian was holding the band back from recording a follow-up to 2005’s Mezmerize and Hypnotize:

“We’re trying to get a new album out, it’s just not passing Serj’s rules! Kinda funny, since we started the band and now he’s holding us back!! I think we should should release another album again??? As for me.. I’m ready to release one with someone who wants to be the singer of System, not someone we have to beg to be a part of System!!”

The post was promptly removed and a statement from the band said that all members agreed that they wouldn’t be releasing new music until the time was right. Frontman Tankian has since said a new record is not on the cards right now, saying, “I can’t write a forced record. It’s like romancing someone at a time you don’t want to be romantic. It’s not even a choice.”

So why the change in tune? Perhaps the guys have been to couples therapy or something. As much as we’d love a new SOAD record, we’re going to have to believe this one when we hear it.

(via Blabbermouth)

Photos: System Of A Down – Soundwave 2012 Sydney, 26/02/2012

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