Take A Peek Inside Skrillex And Diplo’s Rider

Musicians’ riders have always been something of a peak inside the lifestyles of performers.

Some acts request for the essentials; booze, food, clean clothes, more booze, even more booze ect. Whilst other requests are outlandishly weird, including Kanye West and Jay Z’s requests for scented candles and cylindrical vases last year.

Diplo even put in a tongue-in-cheek request a few years back for his show rider to have a paddling pool, a framed picture of himself, a silverback gorilla, a Malawian orphan and a parrot “that is trained to say your name”.

Now Diplo and Skrillex‘s latest, seemingly legitimate rider has leaked online ahead of their upcoming gig this weekend at San Francisco’s Bull Graham Civic Auditorium, and it’s got enough booze in it to hospitalise a small army.

Apart from the three bottles of Moët, three of Grey Goose vodka, and one bottle each of rum, cab sauvignon, Fireball, and Patron tequila, Jack Ü also apparently need a case of light Heineken, half a case of Amstel light beer and another half a case of local beer.

all the alcohol gif

It’s not just booze though, the two also requesting fresh H&M socks and T-shirts. They also desire a sugar-free case of Redbull, and other drinks ranging from diet to regular coke and pepsi, tonic water, orange juice, sparkling water, Fiji water or Smart Water (whatever that is), and 6 bottles of Kombucha. That’s when it gets super healthy, with green juices requested as well as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, hummus and postachios.

Skrillex and Diplo also want two packs of Camel Crush cigarettes and two lights but they can’t be white (bad luck you see), as well as a Caesar salad with no croutons for after the show.

Check out the full rider below.

jack u rider

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