Tasman Keith & Kwame Team Up On Massive New Track ‘ONE’

Tasman Keith and Kwame have built names for themselves separately as two of the must-watch rappers in the country, but now they’ve proven their impact as a duo with huge new track ‘ONE’.

Be warned: ‘ONE’ is an absolute, certified, defining banger. Keith opens the track with raspy, Kendrick Lamar-like bars, with Kwame anchoring the middle of the track with brash and powerful delivery. The song then builds to a glorious and triumphant, brass-led climax.

And, in an accompanying music video, the two rappers suit up with determination to prove their impact and potential, regardless of whether those with power believe it or not.

“I feel like there’s always been this level of respect that Tasman and I have for each other,” Kwame said in a press statement of the collaboration.

“I’ve always highly rated Tasman as an amazing all-round artist! In my opinion, he has one the sharpest pens within the rap community of Australia.”

“There are very few in this country who as soon as they drop make me want to go into the studio and get to work, almost like a friendly competition,” Keith said of Kwame in a separate statement, sending the love right back.

“He is one of them. When we properly got to connect during my mixtape sessions we both realised how much alike we are.”

Watch the ‘ONE’ music video below.

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