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Tasman Keith Releases New Single ‘LEFT RIGHT’ – “I Just Feel this Country is Ready to Hear It”

Gumbaynggirr rapper Tasman Keith has released a hard-hitting new track called ‘LEFT RIGHT’ in the wake of Saturday’s referendum result. As noted by Purple Sneakers, Keith recorded, mastered, and shot the video for the track just this week, calling the song a “statement piece”.

“I wrote this song in November last year, at the time it felt like it wouldn’t truly be heard,” Keith told the publication. “The song is bigger than the referendum and, if anything, is a thought piece that I’ve been sitting with for a while – now I just feel this country is ready to hear it.”

Tasman Keith: ‘LEFT RIGHT’

“I reached out to a few people to get it across the line all in one day which was ambitious but did it. Re-record, re-produce, film the video, edit the video, mix and master the joint, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

On Saturday, Australia resoundingly rejected the modest proposal of enshrining a First Nations Voice in the constitution. Polls had been indicating a ‘No’ vote in the lead-up to the vote, but the overwhelming defeat of the proposal still shocked many Yes campaigners. Nearly 61 percent of the country voted No.

In a post on Instagram, Keith wrote that “it should have been up to us to say what we as a people need”. “3% could never beat the 97%,” Keith continued. “A majority of Australia is still inherently racist. Despite our differences as people, the conversation and the outcome of the conversation should never have been in the hands of Australia.”

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