A Remix Of Taylor Swift’s 2008 Song ‘Love Story’ Is The Big New TikTok Trend

Despite having a strong contender for AOTY  just last Friday in the form of folklore, it’s Taylor Swift’s 2008 track ‘Love Story’ that’s making internet waves right now. Except it’s a remix and the comeback is in the form of a TikTok trend.

The club remix, by producer, Disco Lines has been doing the rounds on TikTok and the number of clips using it is steadily increasing. There’s now a Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’ TikTok challenge.

The whole point is to basically lean in and look into the camera on the drop, and then have the video zoom out. People started by propping their phones on skateboards and the like, but have moved on to drones and moving cars, as you do.

@alexpresley_What’s next? Reply to @iiaeyums ##taylorswiftchallenge ##dancechallenge ##fyp♬ Love story discolines – ethanishung

@kyle_xldworthi think im gonna take the cake for this challenge ##fyp ##foryou ##drone ##juliet ##xyzbca♬ Love story discolines – ethanishung

As reported by Rolling Stone, in March this year Disco Lines uploaded a video to YouTube (below), titled “Attempting to Make a Viral TikTok Song”. True to TikTok style, it didn’t work, however, months later, TikTok users took a liking to a whole other Disco Lines track, his Swift remix.

“When I started making YouTube videos about producing, I would do funny things to get people’s interest, do two genres that weren’t necessarily meant to be combined,” he tells RS. “Take ‘Love Story,’ a country-pop song, throw a deep house beat on that, see what happens.”

He said the track came together in about an hour, the producer thinking “This is just a throwaway. There’s no way people will actually bump this.”

By this week the remix is the soundtrack fr over a million TikToks. And so, here we are.

Anyway, catch the full Taylor Swift remix below.

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