Taylor Swift’s Splendour In The Grass 2016 Itinerary

Taylor Swift… She’s been in the country for what feels like an eternity already, and the media is going a bit overboard on the coverage. Not ones to miss out on a good trend – see here – we’ve decided to do some coverage of Taylor Swift’s weekend at Splendour In The Grass 2016*.

*Please note we don’t know if she is going to Splendour In The Grass, what she will do if she does, who she will go with, and who she will see. We are just going to be too busy on the actual weekend to write anything so we figured why not write it now.

So without more waffling, here is what T-Swiffer got up to just over a week from now!


On Friday Taylor arrived a little late which was a bit of a shame, but she needed to find her tattoo choker, it was 100% the most important thing. Luckily she made it just in time to catch The 1975’s amphitheatre set. Afterwards it was reported that she could be heard raving about how the band has such an “artistic vision” and refuse to sell out.

tay fake sitg

After that she was spotted dancing her heart out like one of those white air dancers you see in car-yards during Years & Years’ set. Following that she was seen making her way to the amphitheater for The Avalanches. She’d heard a lot about them in the past two months and is always keen to see new up and comers like these guys who just came out of nowhere.


Like most white girls, Ms Swizz finished her first day at Splendour dancing to Hermitude, because of course.



Starting her Saturday off early, Tay seemingly struggled with the clash of Ngaiire and Montaigne, running between the two to decide which was more likely to become a direct competitor within the industry, and recruit her to “The Squad”.

Mrs. 1989 then made an unexpected stop at King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s set, much to the surprise of everyone, including herself, who assumed it was going to be an avant garde reptile themed magic show.

The next set she visited was more expected – Lido. Tay was even spotted by one fan “mouthing words… not the ones of the songs… but similar words.”

It was noted that the artist now formally known as “One half of HiddleSwift” did leave Lido’s set a bit early so that she didn’t miss out on a spot in the Bohemian Lounge’s drumming circle – well known as one of the most popular events at SITG every year. Watch out Pitt Street Mall!

pitt street swift

After spending over three hours waiting in line for the toilets, Swift was spotted rushing to Matt Corby’s set because she seems like the kind of person who’d really love his music… and probably his whole deal.


Sunday was a big one for Swift who took her beau Tom Hiddleston along for the final day. The couple was spotted arguing early in the afternoon, presumably about whether they would go see Lapsley or Melbourne Ska Orchestra. This just goes to show even celebrities have to deal with the difficult clashes every music festival throws at punters.

It seems the couple had made up by the time The Internet took to the stage as they were seen laughing and yelling “You fucked up!” along with the band, and just half an hour later were snuggling up romantically to Tegan and Sara’s Call It Off, and I Was A Fool.

The final act the famous country artist saw at the festival was James Blake. Swift was swooning heavily throughout the set, it’s clear she does love a Brit. When asked by a fan if she would be watching Sigur Rós, Swift responded “I don’t know her” and with that Taylor left the festival looking as fresh as she was when she arrived and somehow without a single drop of mud on her.

t swift raining

For those inspired by Taylor Swift’s Splendour 2016 itinerary, plan yours accordingly by sussing out the official set times, here.

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