Teenager Finds Previously Unseen Photos Of Nirvana’s First Gig

It’s 2015, and Nirvana artifacts are still making their way out of the woodwork. Now, an American teenager has uncovered a series of images taken at the band’s very first gig.

As Consequence Of Sound reports, the teen in question — Maggie Poukkula — is the daughter of Tony Poukkula, whose Raymond, Washington house was the site of Nirvana’s first show in March 1987.

Last week, Ms Poukkula casually posted three photos (below) on her Twitter account, with the caption, “Pictures of my dad and Kurt Cobain playing together back in the day.” She didn’t realise how massive her find was, until the images started making their way across the internet.

Ms Poukkula later explained that her father attended the same high school as late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain at one point, and would sometimes jam with him. Tony Poukkula is the long-haired chap featured in the top photograph, with Cobain and Krist Novoselic featured in the others.

According to Nirvana legend, Cobain and Novoselic’s first gig featured early versions of songs like Downer and Hairspray Queen, as well as some Led Zeppelin covers featuring Tony Poukkula on guitar. Aaron Burckhard played drums at this point in time.

Catch the long-lost photos of Nirvana’s first show, below, alongside a recording of the band performing If You Must on that sacred night.

Watch: Nirvana – If You Must (Live In Raymond, WA, 1987)

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