Temple Of The Dog Could Record A New Album & Extend Their Reunion Tour Beyond The US

Fans of nineties grunge act Temple Of The Dog had been going hungry for 25 years prior to the band’s recent surprise US reunion tour announcement.

The Seattle supergroup – which consists of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron – got fans’ tails wagging after announcing their first proper tour ever in celebration of the silver jubilee of their self-titled debut, plus plans to release an expanded reissue of the disc featuring rare or unheard tracks.

And now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, they’ve discussed even more potential plans in the works, including the prospect of recording brand new material and extending their reunion tour beyond the US.

Regarding the possibility of a new album, Cornell said: “We’d have to feel really great about the songs. It’s a scary thing. I don’t want to say they’d have to live up to the [first] album, but I wouldn’t want it to take away from it either. It was the same issue with reforming Soundgarden. I’m super excited about writing new songs as long as we don’t detract from what came before, and ultimately we did that. I think the same thing would apply to Temple.”

While McCready added: “I hope if these [shows] go well, there will be more in the future. That’s kind of why we didn’t want to do an extensive tour. We just wanted to feel out the landscape. I hope we can go to Europe. It depends on how much fun we have with it, and how much people get out of it.”

Hopefully by “Europe” they also mean “Australia” (we’re an official Eurovision contestant now, after all).

Temple Of The Dog also say there’s a strong likelihood of them incorporating some material from pre-Pearl Jam band Mother Love Bone into their tour sets (Temple were named after a lyric in their song Man Of Golden Words after all), but not so for Pearl Jam or Soundgarden material because it apparently wouldn’t “feel right”.

Finally, even though they apparently haven’t even discussed the prospect of getting Pearl Jam frontman and Hunger Strike co-vocalist Eddie Vedder back on board for some of the reunion action, McCready says they wouldn’t rule it out.

“I don’t know if he is [interested], and that’s kind of up to him. I would love it if he did,” he said.

Either way, it looks like there’s plenty of exciting things in store for Temple Of The Dog fans #notgoinghungryanymore

Watch: Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike




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