Tex Perkins Clears The Air Following Homebake Announcement Leak

Australian music royalty Tex Perkins has taken to Facebook to express his side of the story regarding news that he jumped the gun on what would have been a massive announcement from Homebake. News that the festival would be moving to the Sydney Opera House broke following an interview on Dig Radio.

As it turns out, that part of the interview was never meant to be aired. According to Perko (It’s ok, he told me I could call him that), certain information regarding Homebake, such as the new concept, new venue and the fact that Beasts Of Bourbon would be playing, was revealed under the assumption that by the time the interview aired, the news would no longer be embargoed.

However, the quotes were taken out of the interview and run in a news story moments later as an exclusive leak. A serious no-no in the press game. Dig Radio and it’s staff are all too aware that this practice is considered unprofessional and has since apologised to Perko and the Homebake organisers for the blunder.

Despite taking all the wind out of the sales of what was sure to be a big announcement from Camp Homebake, the news went down a treat with the festival’s demographic. And where better to hear it from first than Perko himself?

You can read his full statement below.

Homebake 2013 – The Birthday Edition

Friday, 6th December – Sunday, 8th December (18+ only)

Sydney Opera House Forecourt

Tex Perkins’ Full Statement

“Last week Dig Radio released a quote online from me about Home Bake being relocated this year, which should be cleared up.

I was at Dig to guest program a show that is to be aired in late October, under the proviso that anything within the podcast would be confidential until the air date. After being asked what I would like to promote when this will be aired in October – I said the Beasts are playing at Home Bake, knowing that by the time this aired that news would have been officially announced.

The producers from the ABC decided to release that information as a news grab without clearing it with myself or anyone from Home Bake, they did this with full knowledge of the consequences of putting that information out early and full knowledge that the event was yet to make any kind of official announcement, and full knowledge that the information was gathered by them under the pretence of a specific air date.

Homebake and myself have subsequently received an apology from Dig for their unprofessional conduct. I just wanted to set the record straight, that I would never go out of my way to ruin such an exciting announcement for a festival.

I’m really happy that The Beasts of Bourbon are playing Home Bake 2013 for their 18th anniversary at the Sydney Opera House and can’t wait to see you all there!”

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